While basking i…

While basking in the aftermath of the Drew signing i started to shift my relatively short attention span to the up coming season. How’s Spags Defense going to stack up? Will the offense skip a beat without Payton at the helm? Does Lommis trade Gordon in December? (WTF? I don’t know where that came from) How much will Drew break the touch down streak by?

As i browsed over the schedule, just thinking about each game, I was in egg heaven. Giving RG3 a rude welcome to the NFL in week one. Exposing Cam and Carolina in week two ( yes they are over rated ) Absolutely destroying KC in week three. Playing their best game to take out GB in week four. Showing our minor league farm team in San Diego you pay for your mistakes in week five. Making a Rookie College coach wish he was back in the big east conference in week seven. Beating Peyton AGAIN in week eight. Disposing of Vick and one of our biggest threat in the NFC in week nine.

And then came week 10, Atlanta. My mood shifted from being in a good mood to being in a great mood. You see i enjoy hating Atlanta, I celebrate their misery. Yes i hate them, so much so after their debacle against the Giants i pulled out a nice cigar and some good scotch and calmly enjoyed the evening ( Two points LMAO )As i finally calmed down from from my own laughter, I started to think about this curious situation. When did i start hating the Falcons? That question had me stumped, I don’t know. As far back i could remember i despised them and their weak fan base. The only possible answer that it could be is that it was at birth. Yep, that’s right i was born hating the Falcons.

Weird huh? Well not so weird as that flaky no show fan base of theirs. The Who Dat Nation bleeds black and gold, We want it 24/7
They want it because the Braves aren’t playing. Win or lose we support our team, They show up in the second quarter and leave at the start of the fourth, Pathetic.
I don’t hate the other two teams in our division, I strongly dislike them. Heck the Bucs have the all time losing record at 0-26, it took them almost two seasons to win a freaking game, Aw crap it was against us. I think i have new entry on my hate meter. What’s the deal with that stupid pirate ship! Never mind, like i said the eggs attention span is smaller that a gnats Butt pimple.

Back to the Turd Birds, There were some reports during the off season that Matt Ryan was working on his foot work to help him with his delivery. Again WTF? How long has he been in the league. Earth to Mike Smith, Try getting your trainers to fix his noodle arm. Foot work my ass, and while your at it send him to a sports psychiatrists to help him with that deer in the head lights issue he has.
I know, I know the eggs rambling a bit here But I know there are Who Dats across this globe that feel the same way as I do. Yes training camp is just around the corner and there are some questions going in. Can Hicks make the adjustments to get in the rotation?, Will Toon grab that #4 receiver spot? ( yes) Are any of the undrafted free agents going to make an impact? Lots of things to sort out in the up coming weeks but for me, I quit reading the schedule after week 10.

Burping back at ya
Da egg


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