To Pay or Not To Pay


With the ink still wet on Drew’s new contract and the numbers came out i was shocked at his 2012 cap hit. $10,400,000 Say what? ( In Loomis we trust ). The first thing that popped into the egg brain was EXTEND JIMMY GRAHAM! But as i calmed down, I realized the Saints should wait until next off season to get the deal done. Yes Graham is grossly underpaid. He originally inked a four year deal worth $2,455,000, His base salary for this year is $540,000 with a cap hit of $706,285. His base salary for 2013 is $575,000 with a cap hit of $741,285. With Drew’s deal done that leaves the Saints in the neighborhood of around 8 to 10 million under the cap. I know PAY THE MAN! but here’s a list our FA’s after this season.

Jermon Bushrod
Devery Henderson
Chase Daniel
Sedrick Ellis
Chris Ivory
Thomas Morestead
Turk McBride
Scott Shanle
Brian De LePuente
Junior Galette
Courtney Roby

Of course some may not be back ( In Loomis we trust ) But some must be inked, Bushrod, Morestead, Galette and De LePuente come to mind.
So let’s assume that they will extend Graham’s contract next off season, I guess you could use Gronk’s new deal as a measuring stick. When I started to look at his numbers I was caught off guard that with his new contract, he is not the highest payed tight end in football. Here’s a list of
the top TE salaries in the NFL ( remember it’s the guaranteed money that counts )

  These are the numbers that Graham and his agent will use as a bar going into negotiations. I know camp is nine days away and Drew just signed, so why drop a turd in the coffee? Why not, we are in a football dead zone right now. Let’s assume that it is Gronk’s that they will use as the standard, This is a closer look at his numbers.
( yellow highlights are guaranteed money )

 One little tid bit about this contract is that Gronk put in a no franchise clause from 2016 on. When Graham’s contract is inked of course we will have to put our trust in Loomis. The one thing that he is extremely good at is keeping this franchise competitive while juggling the numbers. Now when does Training Camp start?


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